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Woman Throws Puppies in Dumpster: Shocking Footage Goes Viral, Ignites Fury

Security camera footage captured the woman throwing the two puppies in the trash and walking away without giving them a second glance. The video went viral.
02:20 PM Jun 05, 2024 IST | News24 Desk
woman throws puppies in dumpster  shocking footage goes viral  ignites fury

A shocking video from Louisiana of a woman mercilessly throwing two puppies into a trash can is making waves online. The heartbreaking incident led to the arrest of the woman and her male companion on charges of animal cruelty, St. Landry Township investigators, as per the report.

The disturbing incident, which took place on June 2, shows a woman walking towards a rubbish bin with a puppy in her arms as another dog follows along with her. When she reaches the litter box, she drops the puppy she was holding. Not stopping there, he then takes another dog and puts it in the trash as well. The horrific act was caught on camera and later shared on Facebook, prompting swift action.

'I am asking for a heavy fine for such cruelty,' pleaded the Facebook user. 'Crazy how they could do something so disgusting. They are poor puppies. I hope they find them and throw the book at them,' said another.

According to the report, the two were identified as Jasmine Mounton and Kendall Tyler. Their arrests followed the video going viral.

The sheriff's office released footage of Mounton and Tyler near a dumpster behind Sebastian West End Seafood. The video clearly shows Mount carrying the puppy, opening the litter box, and throwing the puppy inside. She then repeats this with the other puppy before leaving the litter box lid open and walking away.

Mounton and Tyler were later arrested for animal cruelty and taken to St. the Landry Parish Jail. Fortunately, the puppies escaped unharmed when a neighbor spotted them in the trash and rescued them.

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