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Watch video: Rahul Gandhi's surprise visit to Azadpur Mandi to interact with vegetable vendors

03:21 PM Aug 01, 2023 IST | Yashashvi Tak
watch video  rahul gandhi s surprise visit to azadpur mandi to interact with vegetable vendors

New Delhi: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi's surprise visit to Azadpur mandi for interaction with fruit and vegetable vendors about the latest price hike was on Tuesday around 4 a.m. The video is going viral on social media after being shared by Congress.

The video was captioned, "People's leader Rahul Gandhi today met vegetable and fruit vendors in Delhi's Azadpur mandi. Rahul Ji knew and understood their problems. Connect India journey continues."

In a series of recent visits to various common places and encounters with everyday people like drivers, farmers, and mechanics, he stopped by Madina village in Haryana's Sonipat district on July 8. During his impromptu visit, he spent time with farmers working on agricultural lands, actively participating in paddy sowing, driving a tractor, and sharing a meal with women labourers working in the fields.

This visit followed a heartfelt video he shared on his official Twitter handle just two days prior, featuring a vegetable vendor named Rameshwar at the Azadpur market in Delhi. In the emotional video, Rameshwar tearfully expressed his struggles due to expensive tomatoes, making it difficult for him to afford them and earn a decent living, with the threat of losses looming due to potential spoilage or damage. The impact of inflation had left him in a desperate financial situation, earning merely Rs 100-200 a day.

Amid the soaring vegetable prices, with many varieties fetching over Rs 100 per kilogram and tomatoes reaching over Rs 200 per kg in several areas, Rahul Gandhi visited the Azadpur Mandi. This visit took place just two days after his return from Kerala, where he received treatment for his childhood knee injury.

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