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'Don't', Joe Biden Warns Iran Amid Fears Of Attack On Israel

Israel is bracing for potential retaliation, prompting travel warnings from several countries. Iran's supreme leader vowed retribution, while the White House acknowledged the threat but offered no details.
08:35 AM Apr 13, 2024 IST | Aniket Raj
 don t   joe biden warns iran amid fears of attack on israel
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As Israel prepares for a potential retaliation from Iran following airstrikes on its consulate in Syria two weeks ago, US President Joe Biden reaffirmed support for Israel while issuing a stern warning to Iran. Addressing reporters on Friday, Biden cautioned Iran against attacking Israel, emphasizing the United States' commitment to stand by its ally.

Joe Biden emphasized his dedication to Israel's defense, stating that the United States would support and assist Israel in defending itself, and he expressed confidence that Iran would not succeed.

Several news reports indicate that Iran has prepared over 100 cruise missiles and an equal number of drones for a potential attack on military sites within Israel, as cited by US officials. The assault may involve both Iranian military forces and proxies supported by Iran.

Israel prepared on Friday for a potential attack by Iran or its proxies, amid escalating warnings of retaliation for an assault on Iran's embassy compound in Damascus the previous week. The attack resulted in the death of a senior commander in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps' overseas Quds Force and six other officers.

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India, France, Poland, and Russia have cautioned their citizens against traveling to the region, which is already tense due to the ongoing conflict in Gaza, now entering its seventh month. Germany also urged its citizens to depart Iran amid the heightened tensions.

Israel did not officially claim responsibility for the airstrike on April 1st. However, Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, stated that Israel "must be punished and shall be" for what he deemed an operation equivalent to an attack on Iranian territory.

Previously, White House spokesperson John Kirby acknowledged the reported imminent threat of an attack by Iran on Israel as genuine and credible, although he did not provide specific details regarding the timing. Kirby stated that the United States was assessing its own military presence in the region in response to Tehran's threat and was closely monitoring the situation.

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