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Head Of Hamas's Internal Security Killed In Gaza Airstrike: IDF

Radwan, as per IDF sources, was responsible for issuing orders to Hamas operatives and overseeing armed terrorists in seizing humanitarian aid trucks in northern Gaza. The IDF claims that eliminating him will limit Hamas's capacity to attack and capture aid in the Jabaliya area.
01:31 PM Apr 12, 2024 IST | simran rajpal
head of hamas s internal security killed in gaza airstrike  idf

The IDF and Shin Bet reported yesterday that they killed the leader of Hamas's internal security in Jabaliya, northern Gaza, in an airstrike.

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Radwan Muhammad Abdullah Radwan, identified by the IDF and Shin Bet, not only served as a Hamas police chief in Jabaliya but also operated within the military wing of the terror group.

What Does The IDF Say On Gaza Leader

Radwan, according to the IDF, gave orders to Hamas operatives and directed armed terrorists to seize control of humanitarian aid trucks in northern Gaza. The IDF states that his elimination reduces Hamas's ability to attack and seize humanitarian aid in the Jabaliya region. Additionally, another airstrike on the same day killed Hamed Muhammad Ali Ahmed, a commander in the Hamas military wing responsible for internal security in Jabaliya, along with another operative from the terror group's Jabaliya Battalion, as per the IDF.

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