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Indian Navy Heroes Thwart Pirate Attack, Rescue 23 Pakistani Nationals From Iranian Vessel

When pirates seized the Iranian fishing vessel, Al-Kambar 786, while it was on a fishing expedition in the Arabian Sea with 23 Pakistani crew members, the Indian Navy received immediate notification and swiftly intensified its efforts to liberate the hijacked vessel. The patrol ship INS Sumedha proved instrumental in locating the hijacked Iranian ship, which was discovered approximately 167 kilometers off the coast.
09:18 AM Mar 30, 2024 IST | simran rajpal
indian navy heroes thwart pirate attack  rescue 23 pakistani nationals from iranian vessel

The Indian Navy is working non-stop to make sure all countries can sail safely. They've stopped pirates many times with 'Operation Sankalp'. Recently, pirates hijacked an Iranian fishing boat. The Indian Navy got a call for help and quickly acted. They launched an operation in the Arabian Sea to rescue the Iranian ship. After working hard for hours, the Indian Navy not only freed the Iranian ship from the pirates but also saved 23 Pakistani crew members.

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Indian Navy Saved Pakistanis 

The Iranian fishing vessel, Al-Kambar 786, was out fishing in the Arabian Sea with 23 Pakistani crew members when pirates suddenly attacked and took over the ship. The Navy command got the news and immediately stepped up efforts to rescue the hijacked ship. The patrol ship INS Sumedha played a crucial role in spotting the hijacked Iranian ship, which was found about 167 kilometers away from the coastline. Additionally, the guided missile frigate INS Trishul played a vital role in freeing Al-Kambar from the pirates.

After finding the Iranian ship, a mission began to rescue it securely. The Indian Navy and the pirates battled for around 12 hours. Finally, the courageous Indian Navy soldiers made the robbers surrender. After that, the Iranian ship Al-Kambar was moved to a safe zone with an escort. Indian Navy officials mentioned that this happened on Thursday. All 23 Pakistani citizens are also safe. It's worth noting that ships from neighboring countries often come to this area for fishing.

In recent months, piracy has become a big problem in the Gulf of Aden and the Indian Ocean region. It's causing major issues for international trade at sea. Somali pirates and Houthi rebels have even blocked the Suez Canal. Because of these constant attacks, maritime trade has taken a hit, and many ships' supplies have been disrupted. To tackle this, the Indian Navy has started Operation Sankalp in the Gulf of Aden, Arabian Sea, and Indian Ocean. Its goal is to safeguard the sea routes from pirat.

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