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Israel Hamas Conflict: 14 Killed In IDF Operation In West Bank

Amid the Israel-Hamas conflict, 14 people died in an Israel Defence Forces (IDF) operation at Nur al-Shams refugee camp in the West Bank, as per the Palestinian Ministry of Health on Sunday. IDF withdrew after a 24-hour raid, with videos showing a bulldozer demolishing a building. Another video captured ambulances entering the camp.
07:10 AM Apr 21, 2024 IST | Saurav Gupta
israel hamas conflict  14 killed in idf operation in west bank
Israel Hamas Conflict

Amid the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas, CNN reported that at least 14 individuals lost their lives during an Israel Defence Forces (IDF) operation at the Nur al-Shams refugee camp in the West Bank, as confirmed by the Palestinian Ministry of Health. Videos captured by residents showed IDF vehicles leaving the camp after conducting a raid for over 24 hours, with one video revealing a bulldozer demolishing a building. Ambulances entered the camp following the IDF withdrawal. While Israeli forces left the immediate area, they maintained a presence in the nearby city of Tulkarm.

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The Israeli defense force informed that they have killed nearly 10 'terrorists' and arrested eight wanted suspects during the operation, which began on Thursday. According to Palestinian health ministry and news agency Wafa, at least one child and one teenager were among those killed. They also stated that the IDF arrested numerous young people and destroyed key infrastructure.

The situation escalated as the Palestinian Ministry of Health condemned two separate incidents involving emergency medical crews operating in the West Bank on Saturday. According to reports, an ambulance driver, identified as Mohammed Awad Allah Mohammed Musa (50), was killed by Israeli settlers as he attempted to take injured Palestinians to safety. Additionally, another ambulance driver was detained and questioned by the defense forces outside a hospital in the area.

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The Palestinian Ministry of Health called for international health organizations, human rights institutions, and the International Committee of the Red Cross to urgently act to curb the escalating practices of the occupation and settlers against treatment centers and medical crews, allowing them to perform their humanitarian duty. They emphasized that targeting medics, ambulances, treatment centers, and medical staff, obstructing their movement and preventing them from reaching the wounded, constitutes a blatant and clear violation of international humanitarian law and international norms and treaties.

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