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Israel Iran War: Israeli Missiles Hit Site In Islamic Nation, US Official Claims

ABC News reported late Thursday that Israeli missiles targeted a site in Iran, as confirmed by a US official. Iran's Fars news agency noted explosions at an airport in Isafahan, with diverted flights over Iranian airspace, CNN reported. This comes after Iran's retaliatory drone and missile strike following a suspected Israeli attack on its embassy in Syria.
08:13 AM Apr 19, 2024 IST | Saurav Gupta
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Israel Iran War

Israeli missiles struck a site in Iran, ABC News quoted US official as saying late night on Thursday. Iran's Fars news agency confirmed explosions at an airport in Isafahan, but the cause was unclear.

CNN also reported that some flights were diverted over Iranian airspace.

Over the weekend, Iran launched more than 300 missiles, drones, and rockets at Israel, citing retaliation for an alleged Israeli attack on April 1 in Damascus that reportedly struck a consular building, killing two Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps generals and several other officers. Most of the projectiles fired at Israel were intercepted, though a girl was severely injured.

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On April 17, the former intelligence chief of Mossad, Israel’s spy agency, has stated that targeting Iran’s nuclear facilities is a potential course of action as Israel contemplates its response to Saturday’s attack. In an interview with The World’s Yalda Hakim in Jerusalem, Zohar Palti discussed possible responses following Iran’s launch of over 300 missiles and drones at Israel.

When asked if all options were being considered, including striking nuclear facilities, Palti responded: “Absolutely. Everything is on the table at the moment.”

When asked specifically about targeting nuclear facilities, he confirmed: “Yes, everything is being considered.”

On Sunday, Iran temporarily closed its nuclear facilities due to “security concerns,” and the International Atomic Energy Agency suspended inspections for two days.

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Most of Iran's drones and missiles were intercepted before reaching Israeli territory. Iran told the United Nations Security Council that Israel should be stopped from any further military action against Iranian interests, as the UN secretary-general cautioned that the Middle East was in a "moment of maximum peril."

Israel had indicated its intention to retaliate against Iran's missile and drone attack on April 13.

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