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Israel Plans To Strike Iran's Nuclear Facilities: Ex-Mossad Official’s Big Revelation

Zohar Palti, the former intelligence chief of Mossad, confirmed that targeting Iran's nuclear facilities is a potential option as Israel weighs its response to Saturday's attack. In an interview, he stated that all possibilities, including strikes on nuclear facilities, are under consideration.
08:47 PM Apr 17, 2024 IST | Saurav Gupta
israel plans to strike iran s nuclear facilities  ex mossad official’s big revelation

The former intelligence chief of Mossad, Israel's spy agency, has stated that targeting Iran's nuclear facilities is a potential course of action as Israel contemplates its response to Saturday's attack.

In an interview with The World's Yalda Hakim in Jerusalem, Zohar Palti discussed possible responses following Iran's launch of over 300 missiles and drones at Israel.

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When asked if all options were being considered, including striking nuclear facilities, Palti responded: "Absolutely. Everything is on the table at the moment."

When asked specifically about targeting nuclear facilities, he confirmed: "Yes, everything is being considered."

On Sunday, Iran temporarily closed its nuclear facilities due to "security concerns," and the International Atomic Energy Agency suspended inspections for two days.

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This attack on Israel followed a suspected Israeli strike on the Iranian consulate in Syria. According to the IDF, 99% of the weapons aimed at Israel were intercepted by its air defenses.

On April 14, Iran carried out its first direct attack on Israel by deploying explosive drones and firing missiles, heightening the risk of significant conflict in the Middle East.

In response, the UN Security Council convened an emergency session. Israel's military spokesperson, Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari, confirmed that Iran fired numerous ground-to-ground missiles at Israel, most of which were intercepted before reaching Israeli land. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) reported identifying dozens of surface-to-surface missile launches from Iran targeting Israeli territory.

Meanwhile, Iran has pledged to respond to what it described as an Israeli attack on its consulate in Damascus in April, calling the incident "crimes." Israel has remained noncommittal about its involvement in the consulate attack, neither confirming nor denying the claims.

Iran's mission to the United Nations cautioned that any further missteps by Israel would result in a significantly harsher response from Iran. The warning came after an incident that resulted in the deaths of seven Guards officers, including two senior commanders. Iran depicted its strike as a response to Israeli actions and advised both Israel and the United States to avoid any further provocation. Despite this, Iran indicated it now considers the matter resolved.

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