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PoK Goes Rebel! Kashmiris Brutally Killed By Pakistan But Protest Continues

Protesting against the taxes on electricity has caused killing of at least four in PoK whereas more than 90 have been injured. This suppression and open-firing was induced by the Pak govt carried out by its rangers.
10:59 AM May 14, 2024 IST | Riwa Singh
pok goes rebel  kashmiris brutally killed by pakistan but protest continues

The PoK is in a state of unrest and has become a battlefield for the consecutive fourth day. The Pakistani rangers are brutally killing the civilians and more than 90 are injured, still, the people of Pak Occupied Kashmir continue their protest.

Protest for what? For basic needs like food and electricity. The cost of wheat flour has skyrocketed in Pakistan. The debt-ridden Pak is almost bankrupt and living on the empathy of the International Monetary Fund.

Pakistan produces electricity in the PoK but provides this resource to the Punjab province and these citizens remain deprived. Rather, the people of PoK used to get it at a higher cost and now they have been burdened to pay heavy taxes on power and electricity. Jammu Kashmir Joint Awami Action Committee called for a protest against it on Saturday which was tried to put down by arresting 70 committee members on Friday night.

This suppression caused a revolt among protesters and the entire PoK was shut down on Saturday. Thousand of protesters marched in Muzaffarabad, the capital of PoK. To stop it, the Pakistani rangers opened fire on people killing at least four and injuring more than ninety.

The Pakistani government tried soothing it with the last-minute announcement of subsidies but nothing helped as the citizens of the PoK went through the brutal assault at the hands of the Pakistani forces.

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Meanwhile, the massacre continues in the region, the PoK activists seek intervention from the Indian govt as the internet is disrupted to avoid 'leakage of information' from the territory.

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