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Telangana Police Save Two Indians From Forced Labor By Chinese Cyber Scammers In Cambodia

They alerted Cambodian authorities, leading to the operation's shutdown and the victims' release. Tech workers are returning home, while two locals were arrested.
09:25 AM Apr 28, 2024 IST | Aniket Raj
telangana police save two indians from forced labor by chinese cyber scammers in cambodia
Telangana News

This week, the Rajanna Sircilla district police in Telangana took swift action to rescue two Indian citizens who had been forced into working for cyber scammers. These individuals were ensnared in a job scam associated with a Chinese company. The Rajanna Sircilla district police's alert led to the bust of this operation by Cambodian authorities, resulting in the rescue of the victims.

The police have revealed that the two tech workers are currently being brought back to Telangana. They disclosed that the scammers had arranged for a graduate from Sircilla district and another individual from Jagtial to travel to Cambodia three months ago to work for a Chinese company. The graduate from Sircilla was deployed to Sihanoukville, a coastal city in Cambodia, as part of this illicit operation.

In connection with the job racket, Telangana police have also arrested two Indian nationals. One individual, originally from Jagtial and also employed as a chef in the Maldives, was apprehended along with his associate from Pune. However, two other suspects, one from Lucknow and another from Dubai, remain at large.

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Shadaab, who is currently evading arrest and is based in Dubai, along with Abid Ansari, the individual apprehended in Pune, were orchestrating the job racket. They facilitated the transportation of young individuals to Cambodia using Shadaab's connections. Shadaab had established ties with Chinese nationals operating in Cambodia, which enabled their illicit activities.

Shiva, one of the rescued individuals, was dispatched to Cambodia by Prasad, the chef employed in the Maldives. Initially, Prasad misled Shiva by informing him that his role would involve "software operations." However, upon arriving in Cambodia, Shiva discovered that he was expected to work excessively long hours, up to 16 hours per day, and engage in cyber fraud targeting fellow Indians.

According to a report, approximately 50% of the cyber-crime complaints lodged with the national cybercrime helpline trace back to sources in China, as well as certain areas within Cambodia and Myanmar. This information was provided by Rajesh Kumar, the chief executive officer of the Indian Cyber Crime Coordination Centre (I4C) under the Union Ministry of Home Affairs.

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