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US On High Alert, Preparing For Potential Retaliatory Iranian Attack On Israel: Reports

The US is on high alert due to expected retaliation from Iran after Israel's strike on Iran's embassy in Syria. Both countries anticipate an attack, fostering ongoing communication. President Biden assures Israel of steadfast support against Iranian threats.
08:32 AM Apr 06, 2024 IST | Aniket Raj
us on high alert  preparing for potential retaliatory iranian attack on israel  reports
US on High Alert

The United States is on high alert, bracing for a potentially major attack from Iran targeting either Israeli or American assets in the region. The expected assault is believed to be retaliation for Israel's recent airstrike on the Iranian embassy in Syria, which resulted in the death of a high-ranking Iranian commander.

Senior US officials and their Israeli counterparts view an Iranian attack as unavoidable, according to the reports. As of Friday, both governments were unaware of the timing or method Iran intended to use for its retaliatory strike.

On Monday, suspected Israeli warplanes carried out a bombing on Iran's embassy in Damascus, resulting in the death of an Iranian military commander. This attack represents a significant escalation in Israel's ongoing conflict with its regional adversaries.

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Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps reported that seven Iranian military advisers were killed in the strike, including Mohammad Reza Zahedi, a senior commander in Quds Force, an elite foreign espionage and paramilitary unit. Iran has stated that it reserves the right to retaliate decisively.

US President Joe Biden addressed concerns regarding the threat posed by Iran during a phone conversation with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday. A senior official from the Biden administration stated that there has been ongoing and consistent communication between the two countries' teams since the call. Additionally, the United States expressed its unwavering support for Israel's defense against any threats emanating from Iran.

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