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We're Not Going To Get In Middle: US Over Pakistan’s Allegation Against India

On Tuesday, US State Department Spokesperson Matthew Miller addressed Pakistan's allegations of state killings by India, stating that the United States would not intervene in the situation.
07:37 AM Apr 09, 2024 IST | Saurav Gupta
we re not going to get in middle  us over pakistan’s allegation against india

US State Department Spokesperson Matthew Miller on Tuesday stated that they were not going to get in the middle of the situation after Pakistan alleged that India carried out state killings on their soil.

Addressing the media, Matthew Miller, spokesperson for the US State Department, stated, "We've been monitoring the media reports regarding this matter. We refrain from commenting on the specific allegations. However, we urge both parties to refrain from escalating tensions and instead seek a resolution through dialogue."

In an interview with CNN News18, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh asserted that India would pursue individuals involved in terrorist acts within India and fled to Pakistan. This statement comes after a report by The Guardian alleged that the Indian government has been linked to the deaths of around 20 individuals in Pakistan since 2020 as part of an anti-terrorism initiative abroad.

When Reuters approached the Indian foreign ministry for comment on the report, no response was issued. Pakistan's foreign ministry, on the other hand, declined to comment, refuting any accusations of harboring militants.

Singh stressed, "We will cross into Pakistan to eliminate them if they escape there," addressing the allegations raised in the report.

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He emphasized India's commitment to fostering peaceful relations with neighboring countries but cautioned against any entities posing repeated threats or engaging in terrorist activities, affirming that they would face consequences.

Tensions between India and Pakistan have heightened since a 2019 suicide attack on an Indian military convoy in Kashmir, attributed to militants from Pakistan, which led India to conduct an airstrike on what it claimed was a militant camp in Pakistan.

Earlier this year, Pakistan alleged substantial evidence of Indian involvement in the deaths of two Pakistanis on its soil, a claim dismissed by India as unfounded propaganda.

These incidents follow accusations by both Canada and the U.S. against India regarding deaths or attempted assassinations of individuals within their territories.

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