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Creative Bengaluru Woman Adapts 'Man In Finance' Trend To Find Apartment In Viral Video

In Bengaluru, Neha embarked on a unique apartment hunt using a viral TikTok trend. Inspired by Megan Boni's 'Man In Finance' song, she humorously adapted its lyrics to describe her ideal rental: furnished spaces, two rooms, and a balcony. The video gained traction with over 100,000 views, sparking a humorous buzz online.
11:26 AM Jun 16, 2024 IST | News24 Desk
creative bengaluru woman adapts  man in finance  trend to find apartment in viral video

Moving to a new city can be akin to navigating a maze, especially when searching for the perfect home. The quest for ideal accommodation involves extensive online searches, property visits, and occasional disappointments. However, for a Bengaluru resident, this journey took a surprising and joyful twist, courtesy of a viral TikTok trend.

Inspired by a stroke of creativity, Neha utilized social media to assist in her search for an apartment. Drawing inspiration from the popular viral song 'Man In Finance' by creator Megan Boni, she adapted its lyrics to suit her housing needs—mentioning details like furnished spaces, two rooms, and a balcony. In Megan Boni's original lyrics, she lists qualities she seeks in a partner, such as a 'trust fund, 6'5, blue eyes, Levis.'

The caption accompanying the video stated, 'In times of desperation, unconventional actions are necessary. Here is my perspective on the trend.'


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Neha's innovative reinterpretation of the song's lyrics sparked a buzz on social media. The video has garnered over 100,000 views and numerous reactions in the comments.

One user jokingly remarked, 'This is more challenging than locating 'Finance, trust fund, 6’5, blue eyes.''

Injecting a hint of humor, another commentator remarked, 'Bengaluru is akin to a galaxy. Depending on which part you're in, prices fluctuate accordingly.'

Someone suggested, 'Let's search together! Otherwise, I'll need to create one like it for myself by next weekend.'

Meanwhile, a witty variation of the lyrics emerged in a comment, suggesting, 'More elusive than a man in finance.'

A user humorously commented, 'The method to find a home seems quite casual.'

In a lighthearted inquiry, someone jokingly asked, 'Does this method actually help in finding a flat?'

Megan Boni, known as Girl On Couch on TikTok, crafted a satirical song titled 'I'm Looking For A Man In Finance,' which unexpectedly gained viral popularity.

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Initially a TikTok video, the song swiftly went viral, inspiring global users to add their own creative interpretations to its catchy melody. Boni, as reported by BNN Bloomberg, disclosed that the song was originally a parody mocking the idea of an ideal partner.

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