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'Worn-Off Seats And Bad Food': Air India Passenger Pays Rs 5 Lakh For Flight, Gets Disappointment In Return

A man shares his nightmarish experience on an Air India flight from Delhi to Newark, sharing what he describes as a 'horror story.'
11:43 AM Jun 17, 2024 IST | Palak Parashar
 worn off seats and bad food   air india passenger pays rs 5 lakh for flight  gets disappointment in return

Vineeth K, a small-time investor, recently criticized Air India on X (formerly Twitter) after enduring a horrific journey in a business class seat from New Delhi to Newark, New Jersey. Describing the experience as "no less than a nightmare," Vineeth reported that his flight (AI 105) was delayed by 25 minutes and that the seats were worn and unclean.

Mr. Vineeth shared his disappointing experience on X, mentioning that after years of flying with Emirates, he switched to Air India for their direct flights to New York, Chicago, and London, his frequent destinations. However, he described his recent flight as a nightmare. Despite spending Rs. 5 lakh on a round-trip, he found the food to be bad, the seats worn out, the covers dirty, and the TVs non-functional.

After the flight took off, Mr. Vineeth attempted to sleep around 3:30 AM but discovered his seat couldn't recline into a flat bed due to a malfunction. He requested assistance from the crew and was eventually moved to another seat. A few hours later, he woke up to find the food served was uncooked, and the fruits were stale, which led all passengers to return them. Additionally, the TV screen didn't work, displaying a "Not Found" error message. To top off his ordeal, his luggage was broken by the end of the flight.

The original poster mentioned that he could have opted for a much cheaper flight with Etihad Airlines but chose Air India for its direct service. He expressed his frustration, highlighting the bad food, worn-out and dirty seat covers, non-working TV, and damaged luggage, all for the hefty price of Rs. 500,000 for a round trip. He also shared a few pictures of the aircraft’s seats and the food served on the flight.

Mr. Vineeth shared a screenshot of a now-deleted response from Air India. The airline apologized for the discomfort, expressing that they never want passengers to face such inconvenience, and requested his booking details, seat number, and DBR/filer reference number for a prompt investigation. In the same X thread, Air India acknowledged his disappointment, regretting the hassle he experienced, and assured him that they were highlighting the issue internally for further review.

Since he shared his post, it has attracted numerous reactions on social media, with many users sharing similar problems they encountered with the airline.

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