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US Top Democrat Says Netanyahu Turned Israel Into Global ‘Pariah’, Calls For Fresh Election

US Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer stated that Israeli PM has ‘lost his way’. Schumer also warned that scores of civilians lives lost in Gaza risked alienating allies.
06:55 AM Mar 15, 2024 IST | Saurav Gupta
us top democrat says netanyahu turned israel into global ‘pariah’  calls for fresh election
US Democrat Calls For New Israel Election

Calling for fresh elections in Israel, US Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer alleged that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is prioritising his ‘political survival’ above the country. He claimed that the actions of Netanyahu have turned Israel into a global "pariah".

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Chuck Schumer is the highest-ranking Jewish official and a democrat in the United States.

He stated that the Israeli PM has ‘lost his way’. Schumer also warned that scores of civilian lives lost in Gaza risked alienating allies.

Schumer was a long-time supporter of Israel. However, while speaking in the senate on Wednesday, he said that the Israeli PM Netanyahu has allowed his ‘political survival to come in the middle of the best interests of Israel’.

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He stated that Israel must take steps to protect the civilians of Gaza and should make ‘course correction’.

Nonetheless, as soon as the Schumer's comments came in, the White House was quick to distance itself with Spokesperson John Kirby underlining that the senate leader has every right to express its opinion but administration officials were focused on working with Israel.

Commonly, Washington Officials including President Joe Biden, have largely refrained from directly condemning Israeli PM Netanyahu's handling of the conflict, which began when Hamas militants entered southern Israel on October 7th, which resulted in nearly 1,200 casualties and the hostage-taking of 253 individuals.

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Meanwhile, cracks have started to surface in recent weeks as recently, President Biden has cautioned Israel against expanding its military operation into the city of Rafah, citing it as a "red line."

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